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Molecular Biology Lab Services

Strand is part of a not-for-profit, government-funded, public-private partnership initiative with the Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB) that has created Ganit Labs – one of the premier molecular biology laboratories in India. Ganit Labs uses second generation sequencing instruments, compute clusters, and human brains to sequence, analyze and interpret genome data from a variety of organisms. Its goal is to solve fundamental scientific problems and to better understand the complexity of life by conducting experiments using genomics tools like next-generation sequencing, DNA microarray and real-time PCR. Ganit Labs offers the following molecular biology lab services:

  • Quantitative real-time expression and genotyping: Experiments using standard taqman or SYBR green chemistry in individual tube assays or array plates.
  • Capillary sequencing: De novo sequencing and re-sequencing with the gold standard - Sanger capillary long-read sequencing.
  • Next-generation sequencing: Whole genome and targeted re-sequencing, de novo sequencing, mRNA-Seq, small RNA-Seq, and ChIP-Seq using the sequencing-by-synthesis method. Data QC, primary and secondary data analysis, using Avadis NGS (Strand’s own NGS data analysis platform) as well as other available analysis tools, are also performed.
  • Microarray: Standard gene expression, genotyping, and methylation experiments using the Illumina HiScan instrument.

Contact us if you require any of the above listed services, or visit http://www.ganitlabs.in to find out more.

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