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A new look at
SAR and ADMET modeling

SarchitectTM Designer

Designer is the model building edition of Sarchitect. The product vision is to enable building "best possible" models. Building best models involves:

  • assessing the possibilities and limitations of data
  • extracting the right features for models
  • selecting the best suited algorithms and parameters
  • rigorous validation and quality testing
  • model packaging and deployment
  • and, most importantly the post-modeling activities that actually make the models more and more valuable,
  • monitoring the usage of models
  • continuously improving the models

Designer has the power and play pokies range of functions and algorithms that make it comprehensive. The only tool a modeler will need to build intuitive models starting with just chemical structures and experimental data.

SarchitectTM Miner

Miner is the interface between the model builders and the model users. Miner enables the use of models by

  • medicinal chemists to profile and optimize their compounds in silico, and
  • DMPK groups to rank compounds for prioritization in their studies

Designed for extremely easy-of-use, Miner allows model users to define "ideal profiles" and interactively design and/or optimize molecules. All model predictions are supported by interpretable confidence metrics, enabling users to use them in decision support.

Efficacy of in silico technologies to drug discovery is hinged on the adoption of the models by projects. Miner drives this adoption by making model usage simple, intuitive and highly interactive.