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Virtual Liver

Virtual Liver is a ready-to-use platform for a variety of applications. It has been developed with a deep understanding of the molecular mechanisms that underpin liver biology. We have incorporated several key pathways in the liver such as the antioxidant metabolism... Read More


Unique Technology

Strand's Virtual Liver is based on unique technology, combining in vitro assays with an in silico model, providing mechanistic insights into how a drug molecule impacts the liver. This approach brings with it a number of advantages... Read More


Strand’s Predictive Platform

Watch this simulation of liver toxicity caused by cyclosporin based on Strand’s Virtual Liver model.


Papers and Patents:

Subramanian K, Raghavan S, Rajan Bhat A, Das S, Bajpai Dikshit J, Kumar R, Narasimha MK, Nalini R, Radhakrishnan R, Raghunathan S. 2008... Read More

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